Would you like to volunteer to be a part of the Launchpad?

We are looking for volunteers from across the Cambridge Biomedical scene to help contribute to the delivery of the Launchpad. We are looking for two types of volunteers – Ambassadors and Avatars.

Be a Launchpad ambassador

Launchpad ambassadors help us to develop content for pupils as part of our online MOOC. This can be as simple as telling us about what you do on a day to day basis, what you are up to in the lab or what your hospital routine involves.

Participation can be used for fulfilment of widening participation and public engagement criteria for UKRI research grants.

Thanks for registering as a Launchpad ambassador – we’ll be in touch soon!

Be a Launchpad Avatar

Can you be the face of science to our students?

Our Launchpad is based on using Avatars to show the different career paths and narrate the content that students receive on the MOOC. We need as many people as possible to give us their details to allow us to showcase the higher education pathways that they can take.

Tell us about yourself!
What are your defining features that would let us add you as an avatar to our Launchpad portfolio.
e.g. Caucasian female, 20-30, brown hair, lab coat, pink glasses
What is your job, tell us the key features of what you do so that we can add a quick blurb about what your job is.
e.g. Clinical Lecturer – teach clinical students about genetics, work as a consultant in clinical genetics, specialise in renal cancer.

We will use these to generate a genomic panorama of our volunteers and to illustrate the topics on the MOOC with the voices of the real people behind the science.