What is Launchpad?

Choosing what you do after school is difficult, more difficult if you have never heard of all the options.

You will see a revolution in healthcare during your life time.

The Launchpad for Next Generation Medicine is a chance to be involved in the revolution in biomedical science, and be part of the change driven by one of the world’s leading centres for biomedical research.

The Launchpad for Next Generation Medicine will ensure you learn all of the key aspects of biology, chemistry and computer science necessary to pass your school exams, and be prepared for life in the genomics world.

What is the problem?

In 2018 the NHS launched the Genomic Medicine Service, building on the back of the 100,000 Genomes Project, to deliver application of genomic technologies in medicine. However, to deliver the genomic medicine service will require an extensively trained and retrained workforce with specific recruitment shortages in genetic counsellors , clinical laboratory scientists and bioinformaticians.

The Department of Medical Genetics at the University of Cambridge is the base for one of seven Health Education England funded training centres for Masters in Genomic Medicine programmes designed to address the training needs of existing NHS staff.

However, if the UK is to fully grasp the opportunities of the genomics revolution for advancing healthcare, biomedical science and industry, Universities must attract the next generation of scientists, health care professionals and innovators and reach out to students that are not currently accessing higher education. You guys. So that you can form the multidisciplinary “next generation genomic medicine teams” required for UK medicine and science to be at the forefront of global advances in this area.

Genetics at school suffers from the same problems we have previously identified in university level courses; they are focused on historical perspectives with genetic case studies that are often far removed from student experiences. This can lead to students not engaging with genetics and a loss of potential talent.