The Launchpad for Next Generation is a Widening Participation project run from the Department of Medical Genetics at the University of Cambridge.

The programme launches in September 2019, and consists of two strands.

Launchpad A is a learning journey for students in GCSE and A-level to equip them with the skills needed to be the next generation of health care workers in the genomic world.

All UK schools are welcome to sign up for Launchpad A, please head to the registration page.

Launchpad B is by invitation to partner schools in our widening participation target areas. If you are located in North West Norfolk, the Fens and Peterborough or the North East of England please state this on your registration form and we will be in touch.

Key people

Tim – Launchpad Co-ordinator

Responsible for organising the Launchpad and editing content

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!